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Want to go ice skating in Camberley?

We are thrilled to have a real ice rink in Park Street, Camberley this Christmas!

Ways to book skating sessions:

 Online: Please follow the links below (please note online bookings will incur a £2 booking fee per order)

Over the phone: Call Camberley Theatre box office on 01276 707600 (see opening hours below)

At the ice rink: CREDIT OR DEBIT CARDS ONLY. No cash payments can be taken at the ice rink.

In person at the Help Me Point in The Square (The Mall) on the giant touch screen – go to The Square website and choose Ice Rink.

In person at Camberley Theatre Box Office: Cash, debit and credit card payments accepted (please see opening hours below)

Camberley Theatre Box Office opening times:

Mon – Fri 10:00-17:00

Sat– 10:00-16:00

(Theatre Box Office is closed on New Year’s Day)

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The onsite ticket office will open 15  minutes before the first session and close after the last session has begun.

Camberley Ice Skate Map 2017

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 Sat 9 December 2017  icebookbutton
 Sun 10 December 2017  icebookbutton
 Mon 11 December 2017  icebookbutton
 Tue 12 December 2017  icebookbutton
 Wed 13 December 2017  icebookbutton
 Thu 14 December 2017  icebookbutton
 Fri 15 December 2017  icebookbutton
 Sat 16 December 2017  icebookbutton
 Sun 17 December 2017  icebookbutton
 Mon 18 December 2017  icebookbutton
 Tue 19 December 2017  icebookbutton
 Wed 20 December 2017  icebookbutton
 Thu 21 December 2017  icebookbutton
 Fri 22 December 2017  icebookbutton
 Sat 23 December 2017  icebookbutton
 Sun 24 December 2017  icebookbutton
 Christmas Day CLOSED
 Tue 26 December 2017  icebookbutton
 Wed 27 December 2017  icebookbutton
 Thu 28 December 2017  icebookbutton
 Fri 29 December 2017  icebookbutton
 Sat 30 December 2017  icebookbutton
 Sun 31 December 2017  icebookbutton
 Mon 1 January 2018  icebookbutton
 Tue 2 January 2018  icebookbutton
 Wed 3 January 2018  icebookbutton
 Thu 4 January 2018  icebookbutton
 Fri 5 January 2018  icebookbutton